Post School Education Programmes and Counselling

job-search-toolThe transition from compulsory education into post school settings is an exciting and challenging time for young adults. Opportunities for further higher education, vocational training or employment will create new relationships and new types of relationships with colleagues, peer groups and managers. This change can often be a challenge for young adults, as will the potential end of relationships with existing peer groups.

Our education programmes and counselling services are aimed at supporting these transitions.

Young adults will also find themselves in new or changed environments. The familiarity of school will be exchanged for college, university or workplace environments. Often this comes with a transition from living at home to moving out and the resulting changes in relationships with parents/carers and siblings.

Enhancing emotional health and wellbeing for young adults

job-desk-work-infographicThe Spark’s post school programmes prepare young adults for the changes they may experience during this period of transition. Our Children and Young People Team (CYP) support participants if and when difficulties or challenges arise. Supporting the emotional health and wellbeing of young adults is crucial if they are to move forward in to positive post-school destinations.

In some cases these significant changes will be combined with young adults becoming parents for the first time. The Spark’s CYP Team is committed to ensuring all young parents develop the skills to form secure attachments with their baby and to parent positively.

Contributing to Scottish Government policy objectives

The Spark’s post school programmes are targeted at young adults aged between 16 and 25. The programmes make a direct contribution to the Scottish Government’s ‘Developing the Young Workforce – Scotland’s Youth Employment Strategy’ and the ‘National Parenting Strategy’.

Post school programmes are delivered by The Spark for community groups, training agencies, employers and further higher education institutions. Programmes have been delivered for organisations including City Building, Jobs and Business Glasgow and Tomorrows People.

Post School programmes in action

Post school programmes achieve these outcomes with a combination of universal group Education Programmes and targeted, one to one counselling.

Education Programmes


All our Children and Young People Counsellors use an integrative approach combining:

  • Talking therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Therapeutic play

Future projects

To find out more about The Spark’s Post School relationship education programmes and counselling services, or to discuss how we can help your children and young people, get in touch with the team.

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