Counselling and therapeutic services for young adults

counselling for young adultsExciting opportunities and new beginnings will present themselves for many young adults post-school. But some will struggle in terms of finding a new direction and purpose in their life.

The Spark’s post school therapeutic services offer support to young adults faced with difficult life experiences. Counselling helps individuals to discuss their personal experiences leading to better emotional and mental wellbeing.

These services are particularly suited to young adults affected by poor mental health; providing sensitive work to build resilience, develop new coping skills, make better sense of relationships, manage change, explore and give voice to difficulties arising from varying life experiences.

For more information on counselling for young adults please contact our enquiries team on 0808 802 0050 or complete an enquiry form.

The issues facing young adults

Many young adults do not need counselling and are able to resolve emotional difficulties with the help of their family and friends. For some who have particular difficulties counselling can offer an important support for the individual’s health and wellbeing.

Counselling for young adults can help with a range of personal issues. Motivations to attend counselling are personal and can stem from external and internal pressures. Young adults may face a multitude of potential difficulties and The Spark’s youth counsellors are experienced in dealing with:

  • Unemployment/ underemployment
  • Relationships, sex and sexual identity
  • Depression / anxiety / stress
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Financial concerns
  • Work related problems
  • Illness / disability
  • Family breakdown
  • Pregnancy
  • Violence
  • Low self-esteem/confidence
  • Criminal activity / involvement in the criminal justice system

Counselling for young adults

counselling for young adultsCounselling offers a safe, confidential place to talk about issues that may be confusing, painful or uncomfortable. These experiences may exist within their own home, community, workplace or further higher education institution. Ultimately they will be negatively impacting upon the young adult and their relationships.

The Spark’s Children and Young People Team (CYP) utilise an integrative model of art therapy and talking therapy to give individuals an opportunity to express and process feelings.

All The Spark counsellors are members of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) or The British Association for Art Therapists (BAA).

Typically The Spark offers 6 week blocks of counselling for young adults. Each session lasts 1 hour and is delivered on a weekly basis. Appointment duration can be flexible and options are discussed with a counsellor at initial meetings.

Referring young adults for counselling

Referrals for counselling can come from anyone including parents, families other relevant professionals as well as the young adult themselves.

For more information on counselling for young adults please contact our enquiries team on 0808 802 0050 or complete an enquiry form.