Transitions to Employment programme (FE)

transitions to employmentThe Spark’s Transitions to Employment programme is specifically designed to support young adults preparing to leave further education and enter employment.

Programme objectives

Equipping young adults with the skills and strategies to successfully manage the transition into employment destinations is the primary objective of this programme.

Participants will explore the different relationships they will encounter in the workplace, with colleagues, peers and managers.

Programme content

This programme covers a range of topics including:job

  • Exploration of different types of transitions
  • Improving communication and listening skills.
  • The implications of passive, aggressive and assertive behaviours.
  • Exploration of how beliefs and behaviours such as territorialism and sectarianism, can impact on professional and personal relationships.
  • Exploration of positive goals for the future.

Programme delivery

The Spark’s Transitions to Employment programme is delivered as a half-day workshop for further education students or as part of the apprenticeship/employment induction process.

Transitions to Employment in your college or organisation

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