Tackling Violence evaluation

tackling violence evaluation no-knives-better-livesSince 2012 The Spark’s Children and Young People Team (CYP) have delivered the Tackling Violence programme.

Aimed at P6 to P7 pupils, over 1,800 children have completed the programme to date in schools across Glasgow.

Tackling Violence continues to be one of our most popular programmes. The programme was born out of the work of the Violence Reduction Unit and the No Knives, Better Lives campaign, and takes an early intervention and preventative approach to helping children discuss and explore their thoughts, feelings, beliefs and experiences of the challenging topic of violence.

Evaluation took place during the 2015/16 academic year.

Tackling Violence evaluation – programme objectives

Utilising extensive role play and group discussion, the programme aims to:

  • help children and young people address personal issues
  • increase emotional literacy amongst participants
  • contribute towards a reduction in anti-social behaviour in school
  • help children and young people to make better life choices.

Programme outcomes

tackling violence evaluation -infographicParticipants indicated a greater awareness and understanding of the consequences of negative and anti-social behaviour. For example, a number of participants were unaware of legislation regarding the carrying of knives, irrespective of any intent or violent action on their part.

Similarly participants who were trying to avoid joining local gangs were able to consider the consequences of attending organised fights between rival gangs.

Future programmes

To find out more about The Spark’s Tackling Violence programme please telephone 0141 222 3910 or complete an enquiry form.

Visit the Tackling Violence page  for a detailed look at the programme.