Recipes for Transition

Primary school group work programme

The transition from Primary school to Secondary school is an exciting and scary prospect for children. It is also the first of many major transitions that children will face as they grow into adulthood. Ensuring children develop the resilience to major change is the driver behind this group work programme.

transition to high school can be a challenge for many children

Created by The Spark, it focuses on building resilience and equipping pupils with coping strategies to handle life transitions. The course firmly positions change as a positive opportunity for personal growth whilst encouraging children to seek support when they need it.

Delivered over a six-week block, the programme is highly interactive and facilitated by members of The Spark’s specialist Children and Young People Team.

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Recipes for Transition – groupwork aims

The Recipes for Transition groupwork aims to help Primary-age children to:

  • Build resilience and confidence as they prepare to leave the Primary school environment for Secondary school
  • Explore current concerns and identify appropriate coping strategies and support networks
  • Recognise similarities/differences in self/others and build empathy.

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Programme overview

Recipes for Transition – groupwork
Session description Duration Pupils
1. Transitions and beliefs 60 minutes Up to 15
2. Emotions and shared experiences 60 minutes Up to 15
3. New perspectives, normalising transition and change 60 minutes Up to 15
4. Exploring strengths, resilience and help-seeking strategies 60 minutes Up to 15
5. Problem solving and solutions 60 minutes Up to 15
6. Endings and looking forward 60 minutes Up to 15

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Recipes for Transition – outcomes and competencies

By the end of the Recipes for Transition programme, pupils will have:

  • Developed an awareness of change and transitions as a process of personal growth
  • Awareness of strengths and strategies to build resilience to manage change and transition
  • An ability to work inter-relationally within a group
  • Awareness of how to obtain further help where required.

the transition to high school or secondary school can be anxiety-inducing for young people

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Groupwork delivery

This learning programme is delivered by The Spark’s Children and Young People Team in your school or chosen location. Each group is limited to 15 pupils and runs for six weeks, with one session per week.

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How to book

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