Study Survival

Secondary school group work programme

While other similar courses focus on tips for studying, the Study Survival programme helps young people understand their personal learning style. This is in addition to gaining an insight into ways of managing the physical, emotional and mental impact of stress created by their studies and/or exams.

study survival - image of a teenager struggling with their studies

By focusing on learning styles and approaches, this programme offers a more holistic approach to managing stress. Addressing the emotional, physical and mental impacts means students are able to apply what they have learned across their studies.

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Study Survival – group work aims

The Study Survival group work aims to help Secondary school students to:

  • Explore and explain stress
  • Examine the impact it can have emotionally, physically and mentally
  • Consider techniques to manage stress.

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Study Survival – outcomes and competencies

By the end of the Study Survival programme, pupils will have:

  • An awareness of stress and the impact it has upon us
  • An understanding of how we learn
  • Identified personal learning style
  • A greater understanding of support and self-care techniques.

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Groupwork delivery

This learning programme is delivered by The Spark’s Children and Young People Team in your school or chosen location. Each group is limited to 20 pupils and the course runs over two hours (or two school periods).

study survival - image of a young woman chewing a pencil in frustration during studying

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