Tip 4 in our countdown to a stress-free Christmas is here: get organised with a Christmas to-do list.

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Stress-free Christmas tip 4 – create a Christmas to-do list

To-do lists can be a great way to organise what needs to be completed in time for Christmas. However, being realistic about what you can achieve is the key to a good to-do list.

Making every part of Christmas dinner from scratch, doing hand-made cards, creating a ‘winter wonderland’ scene in the garden and buying everyone a personalised gift might be a nice idea but how realistic is it?

Christmas to do list - homemade baking

Christmas treats: here’s a few we prepared earlier…

We only have a set number of days before Christmas arrives so separate out the ‘must dos’ and the ‘would be nice to dos’.

Quickly you’ll see that your real to-do list is much shorter; thus leaving you more time for the nice things on the list like creating hand-made cards or spending extra time on those personalised gifts.

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