Day 6 on our countdown to a stress-free Christmas is upon us. Our latest tip for a happy and peaceful festive season: switch off those Christmas TV ads!

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Stress-free Christmas tip 6 – switch off Christmas TV ads

A fairly recent tradition in the UK has been to see which retailer will have us smiling or weeping uncontrollably at their Christmas advertising campaign.

Over the years our heartstrings have been tugged by – among others – Paddington Bear, a lonely Man on the Moon and inquisitive extra-terrestrials.

Christmas TV ads

No matter how much of an honourable or philosophical message they carry, all come with an undertone of ‘buy stuff here for happiness’. The often implicit and sometimes very explicit message is that ‘only this shop will give you a perfect Christmas’.

Their presentation of a ‘perfect’ Christmas has the power to leave us feeling like our version is going to fall far short of the mark. Meaning that before we’ve put up the tree or written a card, our Christmas is a failure.

Do yourself a favour: mute the sound and do something else during the ad break instead. And the same applies to ads on your phone, tablet and social media feeds!

Christmas TV ads

Switch off the Christmas TV ads and enjoy one of these instead

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