Free relationship support and counselling

The Relationship Helpline is a free, confidential service operated by The Spark, aiming to help people struggling with relationship problems. The helpline provides immediate emotional support to adults over the age of 16 and a pathway into counselling for both couples and individuals.*

In response to the impact of Covid-19 (Coronavirus), The Spark has increased capacity on the helpline to support more callers. We are also offering additional counselling and support through telephone and online counselling, to those callers who need extra help.

Please use the links below to find out more about the helpline or freephone 0808 802 2088 during opening hours.

*The helpline and counselling services are only available to callers permanently resident in Scotland.

How does the Relationship Helpline work?

When you call the helpline, you will have the opportunity to talk about the issues you are struggling with one of our Helpline Counsellors. As well as providing emotional support and signposting to other appropriate sources of specialist help, they will assess whether you might benefit from focused, one-to-one counselling.

Free counselling - speak to a helpline counsellor on the Relationship Helpline

Callers requiring more in-depth support will be put through to our Counselling Appointments Team who will organise six sessions of either online or telephone counselling. Please note, at this point callers will be required to provide additional information in order to allocate them to the appropriate counsellor. This information will be retained and processed in line with our Privacy policy.

Freephone 0808 802 2088 during our opening hours for support.

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When is the Relationship Helpline open?

The Relationship Helpline is available on freephone 0808 802 2088 during the following opening hours:

  • Monday: 9am – 9pm
  • Tuesday: 9am – 9pm
  • Wednesday: 9am – 9pm
  • Thursday: 9am – 9pm
  • Friday: 9am – 4pm
  • Saturday: closed
  • Sunday: closed

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How do I access counselling?

Each individual’s situation will be assessed by one of our Helpline Counsellors during their call. Couples and individuals who may benefit from therapy will be offered access to additional telephone and/or online counselling. This is a fee-based service however, our policy is never to refuse access to counselling for financial reasons.

Free counselling can be provided via online counsellng or telephone counselling

freephone 0808 802 2088 during our opening hours for support.

The helpline can also signpost callers to other sources of counselling and specialist support.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there a time limit on calls to the Relationship Helpline?

We try to limit calls to a maximum of 35 minutes each. Callers requiring more support will be assessed for counselling or signposted to other services.

Is the Relationship Helpline confidential?

Yes. Privacy and confidentiality are assured. Callers to the Relationship Helpline are not required to disclose any personal details unless they want to access our one-to-one counselling services. As this service is only available to callers living in Scotland, we do ask all callers to provide the first three characters of their postcode.

How long could I get counselling for?

Couples and individuals assessed as potentially benefitting from counselling will be offered six, one-hour counselling appointments in the first instance.

Can I get in-person counselling appointments?

At this time, in line with Scottish Government advice, we are only providing online counselling and telephone counselling services.

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