Tip 12 on our countdown to a stress-free Christmas is all about making best use of cold winter days and nights: dark nights don’t mean no fun!

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Dark nights don’t need to mean no fun

Dark nights and cold days tend to leave us thinking there is nothing to do in our spare time but watch rubbish TV or binge on box sets. While there might not be much chance to indulge in outdoor pursuits, it does not mean we need to vegetate on the couch until March.

Cabin fever during December is not going to help combat the stress of Christmas and the festive season. So be proactive and occupy mind and soul throughout the winter months.

Try creative paper crafting for DIY Christmas cards or gift tags for presents. Dust off that musical instrument that has been sitting, unloved in the corner.

pick up that guitar

Whittle dark nights away reading that book you never seemed to have the time to pick up during the summer. Use the time to study a topic you are interested in but always put off learning more about.

Just as there are endless ways to spend long summer days and evenings, the same applies to winter days and nights.

Plus taking up or restarting an indoor hobby is a great way to spend some time away from the pre-Christmas hysteria.

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