Next up on our countdown to a stress-free Christmas is tip 7: ditch the pursuit of a ‘perfect Christmas’.

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Stress-free Christmas tip 7 – ditch the pursuit of a ‘perfect Christmas’

Magazines, websites and department store displays would have us believe there is a ‘perfect Christmas’ and it looks something like this…

Perfect gifts, wrapped perfectly with perfect paper, just waiting to be given out to perfectly delightful family and friends.

A perfect Christmas meal served in a perfectly decorated room with perfect plates and perfect company; a spectacular Christmas tree with perfect decorations and perfectly adorable children sitting perfectly under it.

All this in perfect preparation for the arrival of Santa.


ditch the idea of having the 'perfect' Christmas

The pursuit of their vision of Christmas only ramps up our stress levels.

This year we encourage you to throw off the shackles of perfection and embrace the mistakes, oddities and mismatched crockery of a real Christmas.

So what if the Brussels sprouts are under cooked? That’s part of the charm of Christmas.

Christmas tree unevenly decorated? That’s because the kids helped decorate it and it is more important to remember that they loved being part of the pre-Christmas excitement.

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