Tip 2 in our countdown to a stress-free Christmas is here: do a bit at a time to avoid that last minute, Christmas Eve panic.

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Stress-free Christmas tip 2: Do a bit at a time

Everyone dreads hitting the shops on Christmas Eve because they still have presents to get or a turkey to buy.

Instead of fighting over the last bag of Brussels sprouts or lurking around the turkey aisle, do a little bit at a time.

do a bit at a time - stress free Christmas

Brussels sprouts: are they really worth that Christmas Eve panic? 

Start to stock up early and buy a few things at a time. If budgets are squeezed this Christmas, consider gifts of your time rather than items that cost money.

Give your spouse the gift of vouchers for a night off their half of the housework. Or the promise to paint the spare room that you never seem to get around to doing.

do a bit at a time - feet up relaxing Christmas

Natalie was delighted with her Christmas voucher for evenings on the couch while the kids did the housework

Ditch the frantic, last-minute panic by using your Christmas plan from tip 1 and do a bit at a time for a stress-free Christmas.

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