First aid training for relationshipsThe concept of First Aid is something most of us are familiar with. Many of us have the training (the rest of us wish we had) to deal with accidents and emergencies. When a loved one, colleague or complete stranger takes ill there is a natural human instinct to help. Traditional First Aid training does that for us in the physical sense – the world of concussions, burns, and doing heart compressions to the rhythm of ‘Staying Alive’ by the Bee Gees.

Arguably the logical extension of this is to ask: do we have the skills to help in an emergency when the wounds are not physical but emotional? The Spark’s Relationship First Aid training is the answer to that question.

Understanding the basics of relationships

In the same way that ‘physical’ First Aid does not make you a doctor, Relationship First Aid is not about becoming an expert. It is about becoming proficient enough to help someone through those early moments until an expert takes over.

First aid training for relationshipsThe focus of Relationship First Aid is to understand the basics. To spot if someone is struggling with relationship problems, know the actions to take, and where to direct them for support. The training is designed for professionals working in sectors like social care, employability, HR and housing. In these sectors front line staff will often encounter individuals who may be experiencing relationship and/or emotional problems. Therefore it is important to ask: do my colleagues have the right training to handle these situations?

Helping relationships

In 21st century Scotland it is not difficult to find evidence of individuals and families struggling with life and relationships. Ill health, unemployment, addiction and mental illness – the list is seemingly endless. These are the families that will therefore require the support in terms of social care, employability, housing and education. As a result of the fear and shame of seeking support they will not seek additional help for the underlying emotional issues.

Relationship First Aid training from The Spark

The Spark’s Relationship First Aid training is a 2-day programme. It provides attendees with the skills and confidence needed to open up conversations about relationship issues. In being able to identify early signs of relationship problems, individuals or whole teams can thus be equipped to help their clients find expert support for relationship issues.

Find out more about Relationship First Aid training or telephone 0141 222 2166 to speak to a member of our Training team. Alternatively complete an online enquiry form.

Courses and professional training with The Spark

The Spark provides a range of courses and training for individuals and organisations. Training is provided at all levels – from introductory courses like our Relationship First Aid to advanced qualifications in counselling.

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Find out more about Relationship First Aid training or telephone our training team on 0141 222 2166.

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