We are up to tip 5 in our countdown to a stress-free Christmas. Give gifts because you want to, not because you feel you have to.

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Stress-free Christmas tip 5 – give gifts because you want to

Gift giving at Christmas has started to feel like a chore. Buying presents for people for no other reason than they might get you one (and to save face if they do).

Christmas advertising is no help as it encourages a festive ‘keeping up with the neighbours’ attitude of one-upmanship on everything from gifts to trees. Promotions like Black Friday and Cyber Monday simply compound the pressure to buy, buy, buy.

give gifts joyfully at Christmas

The neighbours had gone over the top with their Christmas display. Again. 

Irrespective of whether you believe presents are a representation of the gifts brought to Jesus Christ at his birth by the Magi (wise men) or more to do with the legend of Santa Claus, gift giving is supposed to be a joyful experience.

Find the joy in gift giving again this year. Do it to see the look on their face as they realise what you’ve got them and not just to tick it off the list.

give gifts joyfully at Christmas

And remember gifts don’t have to come from shops and websites. Why not give the gift of an unrequested task? Or vouchers for a foot rub or free babysitting? These gifts can often end up being more valuable to your loved one than something you spent a lot of money on.

The thought put into them can also strengthen your relationship as you demonstrate how well you understand your loved ones’ needs and likes.

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