Today we are on to tip 13 in our countdown to a stress-free Christmas. The message is quite simple: help others this Christmas.

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Help others this Christmas

The commercialisation of Christmas makes it hard not to be caught up in a mentality of ‘I want’. There are the supposedly ‘essential Christmas fashions’ to consider, the ‘must have’ gifts and the sugar-fuelled selfishness that develops in many children (and a lot of adults too!).

As we write page 3 of our ‘I want’ Christmas present list, the chances are the principles of peace, love and goodwill are not in our thoughts. There is, however, no better way to get a little perspective on life than supporting a charity or good cause at Christmas.

christmas presents under a christmas tree

Freeing up some of your time to volunteer at a local charity is a great way to reconnect with the truly important things in life.

If time is short, many charities – large and small – have Christmas gift catalogues. These allow you to purchase a gift for an individual, family or community in need.

Think about those even closer to home too. In particular elderly relatives and neighbours.

Spending an afternoon or evening with them could be the difference between a happy and a very lonely Christmas.

Give of your time, talents or finances where you can.

Whatever you decide to do you will be helping people who need it most. And in doing so you will give yourself get a more grounded perspective on the festive season.

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