Continuing our new series ‘Meet the Counsellor’ we are talking to Dorothy Jappy – one of our Edinburgh counsellors  to find out more about her passion for therapy and why The Spark is such a respected counselling provider.  

Each month we will be interviewing one of The Spark’s team of counsellors based around Scotland. We hope the series will offer an insight into the therapeutic services provided by The Spark, what happens in a counselling session and why we are a trusted provider for adults, children and young people.

It is common for clients new to counselling to feel quite anxious before they attend. How do you put them at ease? 

Dorothy Jappy: It’s important that new clients know I absolutely understand that emotion. Coming for counselling can feel like a daunting thing to do. I am full of respect for people who recognise that they need a bit of help, put themselves out there and ask for an appointment and then come along.   

Like all of our Edinburgh counsellors, I do all I can, particularly in the first session, to help a new client feel that they are safe and know that it is their session. I won’t ask them to tell me anything or do anything they are not comfortable with. 

How do you help clients overcome any scepticism they might have about counselling?

Dorothy Jappy: Scepticism is a very normal response. I ask new counselling clients about their hopes from therapy and answer honestly any questions they have.   

I would never make promises I can’t keep about whether or not counselling with me will work. However, I would invite them to give it a try and check in with them regularly how they think it is going and I will be honest too. The client is never obligated to continue if they don’t want to.    

Is counselling just for individuals and couples who are in crisis?

Dorothy Jappy: Not at all. Clients come for all sorts of reasons, not only because they are experiencing a crisis.   

They may be getting married and want to talk about how they can start their life together from a solid base. A couple may just be becoming aware that things aren’t like they were at the beginning and want to work out what’s going on and how to get back on track.  

An individual might be becoming aware that there is something tricky about relationships for them and want to explore that. And yes, of course, lots come because there is a crisis and as I said before, I am full of respect for people who want to do something about it.   

Counselling services and support from The Spark

To learn more about The Spark’s team of counsellors, take a look at the Meet our Counsellors section of the website. Alternatively, you can find out more about our counselling services for individuals, couples, married couples, children and young people.

If you are feeling like you need to speak to someone or just need someone to listen to how you are feeling, The Spark’s free helpline is open on 0808 802 2088 during opening hours. A team of experienced Helpline Counsellors are available to listen or talk to you, free of charge and in confidence.


Dorothy Jappy

Counsellor - Couples and Individuals at The Spark Counselling

Dorothy Jappy is a practitioner member of COSCA (Counselling and Psychotherapy in Scotland) specialising in relationship counselling with couples and individuals. She is also an experienced Counselling Supervisor who provides supervision for fellow counsellors. Dorothy has a particular interest in inter-personal and intra-personal relationships.

Edinburgh Counsellor Dorothy Jappy - The Spark Counselling
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