Certificate in Counselling Skills (COSCA)

COSCA counselling skills

The Spark is validated by COSCA, Scotland’s professional body for counselling and psychotherapy, to deliver the 4 Module (120 hours) COSCA Certificate in Counselling Skills course. The Spark is a national relationship counselling charity and training organisation that has operated for over 50 years.

The COSCA Counselling Skills course represents the first step for those considering a career in counselling and provides a basic foundation in the principles of therapy.

The Spark is unique in only using professional counsellors to deliver the COSCA Counselling Skills course. All teaching and practical sessions are delivered by our own team of counsellors, offering trainees added insight into the profession.

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The Spark hosts COSCA Counselling Skills courses annually at various locations across Scotland.

Dates and location | Certificate in Counselling Skills Course

Glasgow 2022 Certificate in Counselling Skills (COSCA)

This course is running from May 2022 until October 2022 and will be delivered following strict Covid-safe health and safety measures and applicable Scottish Government guidance. All training sessions will take place in our Training Centre, 100 Wellington Street, Glasgow.

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Who is the COSCA Counselling Skills course for?

The COSCA Counselling Skills course is suitable for anyone whose work performance would benefit from the use of enhanced listening skills within the workplace.

Previous participants on the course have come from nursing, healthcare, teaching, social work, law enforcement, social care, employability and human resources.

This course is an excellent first step for anyone interested in training as a counsellor. The COSCA Counselling Skills course is widely included by higher education establishments as part of their entry criteria for undergraduate qualifications in counselling.

Participants will develop particular skills and knowledge including:

  • Effective listening and people skills that will benefit personal and work relationships
  • Self-awareness and a better ability to reflect, enabling more effective interventions
  • Knowledge of the theory that validates the effectiveness of counselling skills
  • Understanding of the ethical framework required in all supporting relationships
  • A professionally recognised qualification, providing 40 SCQF credits at SCQF level 8.

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What will participants learn?

Participation in the COSCA Counselling Skills course will provide students with the opportunity to develop the following:

  • Skills: communication skills are enhanced through experiential learning, building ability in active listening. Participants will become more attuned to the responses of others, noticing shifts in body language or changes in mood. Also learning how to subtly explore such changes, and understand when to use key skills.
  • Self-awareness: participants become more aware of their own responses and reactions and what drives these, helping to separate their interests from those of the person they are supporting.
  • Knowledge and ethics: the course covers the theory that underpins different counselling approaches, and the ethics required in any supportive relationship.

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Training dates and venues

The 4 modules are 30 hours each and are typically completed within 12 months. Participants are required to achieve 85% attendance per module.

2022 Glasgow Certificate in Counselling Skills (COSCA)

Module Dates Time Venue
1 17, 24 and 31 May 2022
7 and 14 June 2022
0915-1645 The Spark Training Centre
2 28 June 2022
5, 12, 19 and 26 July 2022
0915-1645 The Spark Training Centre
3 9, 16, 23 and 30 August 2022
6 September 2022
0915-1645 The Spark Training Centre
4 20 and 27 September 2022
4, 11 and 18 October 2022
0915-1645 The Spark Training Centre


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Course fees and how to book

Course fees are £285 per module (inclusive of handbook), payable in full prior to course start or in instalments by agreement. Course fees are VAT exempt.

The Certificate in Counselling Skills is accredited with 40 credits at SCQF Level 8 and as such may be eligible for SAAS Part-Time Fee Grant (up to £402) when undertaking all 4 modules. Visit Part-time Funding Guide – SAAS for information about eligibility and details on how to apply.

To apply to join one of our courses, please email for a booking form.

To find out more about the COSCA Counselling Skills course or our other training courses, please email our team or call 0141 222 2166.

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COSCA Course framework

Please note: progression to Modules 2, 3 and 4 is by successful completion of the preceding module.

Module 1 – Beginnings

  • Concepts of Counselling and the use of Counselling Skills
  • Attending and Responding Skills
  • The Ethical Framework underpinning a counselling approach
  • Importance of Self-Awareness and Personal Growth

Module 2 – Exploration and Expansion

  • Beginnings, Middles and Endings
  • Theories of Loss and Change
  • Self-Awareness of Personal Motives and Values
  • Ethical Boundaries
  • Sexuality

Module 3 – Review and Reflection

  • The Context of Emotional and Cognitive Self-Reflection
  • Counselling perspectives of Person-Centred, Psychodynamic and Cognitive-Behavioural approaches
  • The nature of Power and Vulnerability
  • The characteristics of Past Experiences and Relationships
  • Spirituality

Module 4 – Integration

  • Gestalt Approach and the Humanistic/Existential Perspective
  • Transactional Analysis approach and the Humanistic and Psychodynamic perspectives
  • Exploration of Power and Vulnerability
  • Exploration of Belonging, Social Inclusion and
  • Social Exclusion
  • The effects of Stress
  • Professional Responsibilities appropriate to the counselling relationship

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Other courses and training

The Spark provides a wide range of courses and training programmes throughout the year. These range from our advanced counselling courses to introductory day courses in mental health first aid.

Find out more about training courses provided by The Spark in Scotland.

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