Scottish Mental Health First Aid (SMHFA)

The Spark is not providing SMHFA training at present. Please visit the Public Health Scotland SMHFA page to find a course.

Scottish Mental Health First Aid – booking and prices

Scottish Mental Health First Aid – 2-day programme:

  • £95 per person when delivered at one of our locations. Should we deliver training at your own premises, additional charges may be incurred. Course fees are VAT exempt.

Scottish Mental Health First Aid – course description

Mental Health First Aid is an initial response to distress and all participants on the course understand that this help is to support people in crisis, and when appropriate, signpost them on to other suitable professional help. The course does not train people to be mental health workers. It offers basic general information about mental health problems. The knowledge presented and understanding developed in the course helps to remove stigma and fear and to give confidence in approaching a person in distress.

The course is presented by a qualified SMHFA instructor and quality is continuously monitored by NHS Health Scotland.

The course aims to equip individuals to:

  • preserve life
  • provide help to prevent the mental health problem or crisis from developing into a more serious state
  • promote the recovery of good mental health
  • provide comfort to a person experiencing distress
  • promote understanding of mental health issues.

Course framework

The Scottish Mental Health First Aid course framework will cover the following elements during training:

  • guidance on being a Mental Health First Aider
  • attitudes to mental health issues
  • equalities
  • the recovery message
  • the impact of alcohol and drugs on mental health
  • introduction to suicide intervention
  • listening skills
  • understanding depression
  • how to offer First Aid to someone experiencing depression
  • understanding anxiety
  • how to offer First Aid to someone experiencing anxiety
  • understanding psychosis
  • how to offer First Aid to someone experiencing a psychotic episode.

Who is the course aimed at?

The course is open to all and appropriate for all businesses, public sector organisations, charities and community groups. Wherever there is the potential for mental health issues to arise, the key components of the course will equip individuals to deal with issues requiring mental health first aid.

Participating organisations

The following organisations have benefitted from Scottish Mental Health First Aid training courses from The Spark.