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The Spark Counselling provides individual counselling, couples counselling, marriage counselling, youth counselling and family counselling across Scotland.

This page will help you find a local counselling centre near you and learn about the counselling services on offer. Alternatively, freephone 0808 802 2088 to speak to a member of the team.

Please note: due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, all of The Spark’s counselling centres are closed until further notice. The Spark continues to provide online counselling and telephone counselling services for adults, couples, children and young people.

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COSCA accredited member

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To discuss booking a counselling appointment freephone 0808 802 0050 or complete an enquiry form.

50 years of counselling experience

whatever your relationship find a Spark local counselling centre near you

The Spark Counselling has operated for 50 years and is a COSCA (Scotland’s professional body for Counselling and Psychotherapy) accredited member.

Our particular area of expertise is relationship counselling. This is often referrred to as couples counselling, marriage counselling or family counselling.

The Spark Counselling aims to help anyone in Scotland deal with the relationship issues and problems that we all face.

In need of immediate relationship support?

The Spark’s Relationship Helpline is a free, confidential service for anyone experiencing relationship difficulties on freephone 0808 802 2088.

Work stress, illness, financial worries, family issues can all be the source of relationship problems.

The Spark Relationship Helpline is a safe and supportive space where you can talk through your concerns and be listened to by our experienced team.

What to know more about counselling?

Find out more about counselling from The Spark for individual and couples.

Find out more about counselling from The Spark for families and parents.

Find out more about counselling for children and youth counselling.

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