Meet our Paisley Counsellors

The Spark has a team of experienced therapists based in Paisley who are available to provide counselling to clients face-to-face*, online or by telephone.

We caught up with Paula Miller – one of our Paisley counsellors – to learn a bit more about her and the services available from The Spark.

Paisley Counsellors - Meet counsellor paula miller from The Spark.

What first attracted you to counselling as a profession? 

Talking to people and getting to know them has always been something I’ve taken a keen interest in. I think I’m a naturally good listener and people both personal and professional have always trusted and opened up to me.

I felt I could put these skills to really good use in a counselling setting and actively help people deal with challenges in their everyday lives.

You’re a counsellor for The Spark in Paisley. What do you like most about working there? 

The Spark’s Paisley base is in The Wynd Centre, which is a friendly place with helpful staff. It offers the privacy you would expect but also a warmth that can help new clients start to feel settled.

We have a permanent receptionist and there is a café run by a lovely group of volunteers if you want to take a few moments before or after your counselling session. The centre is close to Paisley Gilmour Street train station and there is a car park, so it’s easy to get to.

In four words, sum up The Spark’s team of Paisley Counsellors?

Warm, friendly, helpful, discrete.

What do you think makes The Spark such a popular counselling service?

I think it is primarily to do with the professionalism and quality of the counsellors based in Paisley. Everyone is trained to a very high standard and experienced in a range of counselling functions from individual counselling to couples counselling and family therapy.

The support staff are from the Paisley-area and have a real passion to help those in the community too. The central location is definitely a big plus point too.

To find out more about services available from our Paisley Counsellors, freephone 0808 802 2088 during opening hours or use the links below:

*Please note: due to the current Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, face-to-face counselling appointments may not be available. Please freephone 0808 802 2088 for more information.

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