Top 10 Communication Tips

Get closer to a better relationship with our top ten communication tips:

1. Timing

Try to discuss important issues at a time when you’re not tired, hungry, or in a rush.

2. Turn OFF the TV

Take away distractions.

3. Take a Trip

Getting out of the house to talk can often be helpful.

4. Time Limit

Talk for an hour or so then take some time out.

5. Time Out

To think about what has been said and what you want to say.

6. Tune In

Listen to what your partner is really saying. How are they really feeling?
Hurt, angry, rejected, confused, disappointed…

7. Take Turns to Talk

Say how you feel about what is going on.

8. Take Care of Each Other

Even stopping to say, “Hello, how are you?” in a busy house can help to show you care.

9. Team Up

Tackle a problem together. Two heads can be better than one.

10. Call The Spark Relationship Helpline

Help for relationship difficulties is only a call away on 0808 802 2088