Why should I try counselling?

Every individual and couple is unique. As are the reasons that lead them to consider: should I try counselling? There are, however, some issues that are common among couples and individuals who come to The Spark for help.

Issues typically dealt with during counselling can include:

  • Communication issues: we don’t talk anymore/they don’t listen to me anymore, I can’t talk to my family
  • Life changes: births, separation, divorce, leaving school, step-families or bereavement for example
  • Mental health: anxiety, stress, depression or addiction
  • Work issues: when you are experiencing difficult relationships with managers/colleagues or facing redundancy or unemployment
  • Family conflict: the difficult teenage years, separation, divorce or empty nest
  • Mistrust: when an affair is suspected or has been discovered

Counselling and mental health support services

No matter whether you are single, married, divorced, bereaved, living with someone or having relationship problems at work, The Spark has services that can help you including:

The decision to try counselling can feel like a daunting one. It does not have to be when you come to The Spark for support.

We understand how difficult it is to make that big step to try counselling but we also know thousands of clients who really benefited from working with a therapist.

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