Coping with the parenting challenges of Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

The Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has created a new set of parenting challenges. Lockdown, physical distancing measures, school closures and home working has placed more pressure on parents than ever before.

Free parenting resources - Covid-19 Coronavirus has made parenting a lot harder

As part of The Spark’s mission to support family relationships and mental health in Scotland, we have produced a series of dedicated parenting resources. Written by our counsellors and senior clinicians, they provide practical tips on issues from how to talk to kids about the pandemic and Coronavirus anxiety, to coping with lockdown and social distancing.

All of our parenting resources are completely free and will continue to be updated during this difficult time.

Free parenting resources from The Spark

Needing someone to talk to right now?

If you are struggling at home, with friends, or at work right now, The Spark operates a free, confidential helpline. The Relationship Helpline is open Monday to Friday and provides immediate emotional support to individuals living in Scotland, no matter the issue.

Freephone 0808 802 2088 in confidence during our opening hours to speak to one of our Helpline Counsellors or visit the Relationship Helpline section of our website to learn more.

Counselling and support

The Relationship Helpline also provides access to counselling for couples and individuals needing greater support. Funded by the Scottish Government, the helpline is providing 200 hours of free counselling per week*.

Callers to the Relationship Helpline requiring more extensive support will be assessed by our Helpline Counsellors and offered counselling, if appropriate. 

Find out more about the Relationship Helpline and counselling on our website. Alternatively, freephone the helpline on 0808 802 2088 during our opening hours to learn more.

* Please note to access free counselling couples or individuals must be permanently resident in Scotland.

Additional sources of help – Parent Club Scotland

The Parent Club Scotland website offers up-to-date guidance from the Scottish Government on your child’s health and education. Packed with hints and tips from other parents and carers who have been there before, it is a great resource for any parent.

They have also created a dedicated resource for Covid-19 (Coronavirus) issues and questions. Visit the Parent Club Scotland website for tips on everything from balancing home working with home schooling and supporting teens, to frequently asked questions about Coronavirus.