The Parenting Agreement

Unfortunately, even stepfamilies can separate. Although the position of step-parents remains unchanged, under the Family Law (Scotland) Act 2006 the Scottish Executive introduced some non-legislative initiatives to help families. One of these is the Parenting Agreement which can be used by step-parents.

It is a non-binding agreement intended to be used by families to sort out arrangements for their children when the family separates. It comes with a guide containing a lot of useful information that parents should take into account when deciding what is best for their children.

If you are concerned about your rights, you may need to seek legal advice. The Family Law Association or your local Citizens Advice Bureau can help to put your in touch with a solicitor experienced in family law.


Sometimes a step parent can acquire the responsibility to provide financial assistance for a step-child, even though financial support is made for that step-child by another person, presumably a parent of the child with whom the child does not live. That obligation can extend beyond the breakdown of the stepfamily. For more information you may need legal advice from an experienced family law solicitor.