Songs for Sound Minds #8 – ‘Movin on Up’ by Primal Scream

Continuing our series of music that uplifts, inspires and boosts mental health this week’s pick is from the inimitable Primal Scream.

Movin on Up – Primal Scream

primal-screamCreated to be a “slow gospel ballad” Movin on Up by Primal Scream just oozes energy and positivity. An anthem of the 1990s the song soars on lyrics by Primal Scream frontman Bobby Gillespie and that now familiar ‘Bo Diddley’ guitar style given to the track by co-writer Andrew Innes.

I’m movin’ on up now
Getting out of the darkness
My light shines on
My light shines on
My light shines on

In an interview for NME’s Song Storys series Bobby Gillespie explained the lyrics as “simple and direct” and “in a language anyone can understand”.

“It’s about not being beaten. It’s about fighting back. Maybe its about finding someone or something that you believe in to help you get through this life”. Bobby Gillespie.

What might be regarded as Primal Scream’s signature tune, Movin on Up may seem like a simple rock n roll song. But the simplicity of the lyrics are part of its universal appeal and resonance.

Everyone has experienced a time of darkness. Moments when we need something to help us get back up and take on life again. Something to hold on to and to motivate us to come back with bravery and courage and keep going. Movin on Up is a song that captures that perfectly. And it offers up a cracking piece of ‘turn it up to 11’ rock n roll to celebrate when we do move out of the darkness.

Perhaps the best way and certainly the simplest way to describe Movin on Up can be left to Mr Gillespie: ‘Don’t let the b*****ds grind you down’.

#SongsForSoundMinds are our picks of the music music written as an anthem to overcoming the storms of life. The songs that give hope in those times when we are struggling.

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