Trying to achieve a stress-free Christmas can feel like an impossible task. Everything will be busy, last minute and crammed into the time we simply do not have.

At The Spark, however, we disagree and believe that a stress-free Christmas is possible!

19 tips for a stress-free Christmas

To help you de-stress this year we have put together 19 tips for an enjoyable Christmas from start to finish.

stress free Christmas

We will be posting a tip a day to help you enjoy the festive season instead of feeling like it is something to survive.

From advice on handling relationships and budgeting to low-cost ways to entertain the family, The Spark wants to help you relax this Christmas.

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Stress-free Christmas tips

Christmas tip 1: Get a plan

Christmas tip 2: Do a bit at a time

Christmas tip 3: Stick to a Christmas budget

Christmas tip 4: The Christmas ‘to do’ list

Christmas tip 5: Give gifts because you want to

Christmas tip 6: Switch off Christmas TV ads

Christmas tip 7: Ditch the pursuit of a ‘perfect’ Christmas

Christmas tip 8: Enjoy the build-up to Christmas Day

Christmas tip 9: Dear Santa… share you own Christmas list

Christmas tip 10: Enjoy the simple things

Christmas tip 11: Get some exercise with a winter walk

Christmas tip 12: Dark nights don’t need to mean no fun

Christmas tip 13: Help others this Christmas

Christmas tip 14: Spend time with people

Christmas tip 15: Get some Christmas helpers (aka you don’t have to do it all yourself)

Christmas tip 16: Talk about ghosts of Christmas past

Christmas tip 17: Say please and thank you this Christmas

Christmas tip 18: Christmas family fun doesn’t have to cost a lot

Christmas tip 19: Get some rest!

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