We are up to tip 11 on our countdown to a stress-free Christmas. Despite the cold weather, a great way to de-stress during December is to get outside and go for a winter walk.

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Stress-free Christmas tip 11 – Go for a winter walk

Walking is a great way to de-stress at any time of the year. But in the build-up to Christmas it is perfect for escaping the often frantic pace of life.

During December it can be tempting to think that every spare minute needs to be devoted to preparing for Christmas.

Instead take the time to wrap up warm and head out to your local park. A brisk walk away from the interruptions and distractions of the season can help clear the mind.

winter walk

We would even suggest – and make sure you are sitting down for this one – that you leave mobile phones at home (or on silent if being away from your iPhone is a step too far).

Enjoy a slower pace of life in nature and spend some time away from the advertising encouraging us to spend our way to a ‘perfect’ Christmas.

With rosy cheeks and a few thousand steps on your FitBit, head home and indulge in tip number 10.

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